Small Chop

Welcome! Traditional kola nut offering to welcome guests to the village or house.


There is nothing ‘small’ about Prince Shyllon’s private collection of Nigerian art. Thirty years of collecting over 6000 pieces of Nigerian art, original masks and figures, dating back to the13th century, neo-traditional pieces, and contemporary paintings and sculptures place Omooba Adedoyin (Prince) Yemisi Shyllon with the finest private collection in Africa.

At celebrations and festivals, guests are greeted by traditional drummers.

Organized by Hugh and Robin Campbell and the Nigerian Field Society, Prince Shyllon opened his home/museum on a Saturday afternoon in March for a few fortunate members to view great works of art by the Nigerian masters.  In my forty year connection with Nigeria, this would be the first time to admire and to appreciate these great works all under one roof.  An experience of a lifetime!

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