Bad Days for Nahdet Masr

June 11, 2013DSC_1207

July 12, 2013photo DSC_1319


Nahdet Masr  (Egypt’s Awakening) by Mahmoud Mukhtar.

Mahmoud Mukhtar was born in 1891 and became a pioneer of modern sculpture in Egypt.  Mukhtar was the first Egyptian to display his sculpture at the Salon de Paris and won first prize for his model of Nahdet Masr. The same sculpture, 8 meters high and of rosy granite,  would be unveiled at Cairo’s railway station in 1928. Under rule of Gamal Abdel Nasser, it was relocated to Cairo University in 1955 where it stands today.

Mukhtar’s sculptures reflect post-World War I Egypt with its revolution against British occupation in 1919. The underpinning themes demonstrated in Mukhtar’s sculptures are still looming for Egyptian: independence, justice and constitution.

For more history about Nahdet Masr and all city statues in Cairo,  buy:Cairo’s Street Stories: Exploring the City’s Statues, Squares, Bridges, Gardens, and Sidewalk Cafés(AUC Press, 2008)

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3 thoughts on “Bad Days for Nahdet Masr

  1. Dear Lesley,

    Sorry for being introduced to blog late & I am catching up as time allows. Yes, fully agree Nahdet Misr, a terrific piece of work was defaced and abused under horrible circumstances. It looks so sad to see these ugly graffiti’s on the wonderful status, they must have been done by person(s) who has no appreciation for the art or even good taste. It’s really unimaginable to think of people who are capable of committing such heinous act. I am it got cleaned.


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