In throne: HRM Oba Olusegun Adedeji Onagoruwa (Elesi 1) The Alaye of Odogbolu, Oba of Odogbolu


Two hours north-east of Lagos traveling on the Ibadan Expressway into Ogun State is Odogbolu town. Here is the hometown of the Oludemi family, particularly the home of longtime friend and President of Odogbolu Community Development Council, Chief G. A. Oludemi, who extended the invitation to attend this chieftancy ceremony.

Oba of Odogbolu HRM Oba Olusegun Adedeji Onagoruwa (Elesi 1) The Alaye of Odogbolu, Ka bi ye si (meaning: you are not accountable to anyone), presides over the ceremony to install Dame Caroline Oladunne Adebutu as Yeye Oba of Odogbolu. Yeye in Yoruba means “Mother” thus the title conferred carries the honor of ‘Mother of the Oba of Odogbolu’. On this day, the Oba calls the community together to honor mothers and their role in traditional society and culture.

Peh-Peh-Peh”, the guests prayer is for long and healthy relationship(s).

The following video is important for two aspects: 1.)  the traditional Yoruba beaded crown, (Also go to Nigeria Magazine in menu for article on Royal Crowns)  2.) the royal dance of the Oba.

The crown sewn with thousands of glass beads depicts Yoruba symbols denoting power and can only be worn by the Oba. The crown is a symbol of the Oba’s power and the dangling beads that encircle the Oba’s face not only conceal the Oba from onlookers.

The Oba dances a royal dance with his entourage. Traditional Yoruba drummers play the largest Yoruba drum, the Gbedu drum, at the royal ceremony. The Gbedu drum is  only for the king during ceremonies.  In recognition of the Gbedu drum and drummers, the Oba subtly taps of his left foot three times; every step and turn has significance in this royal dance.

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1 thought on ““Peh-Peh-Peh”

  1. Really enjoyed seeing this, brought back memories seeing the dancing. Also the collection of bird photos were fantastic. Best wishes Dorothy

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