Murtala Muhammed Botanical Garden

DSC_0360A coup d’etat in 1975 toppled the military rule of General Gowan. Brigadier (later General) Murtala Muhammed took the position as Head of State of Nigeria. Within less than one year, Murtala Muhammed  was dead, assassinated as he drove to Dodan Barracks on Lagos Island.  General Murtala Muhammed became a national hero.

Since the late 1970’s, anyone traveling by air to or from Lagos encounters the international airport named after this late head of state but few people are aware of the botanical garden that also bears his name, Murtala Muhammed Botanical Garden. His wife, Mrs. Ajoke Muhammed, honored her husband by establishing a 60-hectare garden of rare plants and trees. A fervent naturalist herself, she designed this garden to incorporate opportunities for environmental education, picnics, and the study of flora and fauna of the area. Unfortunately for the public, the garden is now all but forgotten. Dilapidated buildings covered with the ever-encroaching bush gives the garden a ramshackle look yet the gardens still convey a strong sense that this was once a well-planned botanical garden.

But, the good news is: this is a bird-watchers paradise. (Read More)

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6 thoughts on “Murtala Muhammed Botanical Garden

  1. Great pictures, Les, the sun appears so bright that the pictures almost look fake because the demarcation between dark and light is so pronounced! Very lush and wild looking place. I really enjoyed the sense of being someplace ancient. Thanks. Lynn

    • The night before, it rained…colors in the tropics are so vibrant that it almost hurts! I pressed the ‘enhance’ button to brighten the photo but I don’t photoshop, so these are the colors of the forest. You can see the birds pick up the colors too for their own camouflage.
      Thank you for your comment. L.

  2. I really wanted to visit, while I was in Lagos but we just could not find the place! and everyone on the road we asked didn’t know where it is located. I know its on the expressway on the way to Epe. but do you know where the turn off is?

    • Hi Debis. It is a beautiful garden but hard to get into. Once you are off the Epe Expressway km 6, turn right, the road takes you quite a way into the bush. It turns to the right and deeper into the bush. I wouldn’t go alone as it is quite isolated. Here is the web site:
      or contact Nigerian Field Society. They might have more information or a group going. Robin
      Hope this helps. Lesley

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