A Yoruba Wedding at the African Church – Ebute Metta, Lagos

Marriage Ceremony for Ololade Temilayo and Olatunde Oladapo.

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8 thoughts on “A Yoruba Wedding at the African Church – Ebute Metta, Lagos

  1. Such beautiful people and colors. I may have asked you this before but what is the significance of several women wearing the same colors? You must have had a great time.

    • At function, clubs, groups , families, clans, even towns will plan to wear the same color and textile to show solidarity with the group.(The style is fashioned as to individual preference and by an individual’s tailor.) In weddings, if one is close to the bride’s family, they often provides the men and women with cloth to make the clothing (the choice of style is up to the wearer.) The husband’s family might do the same but with a different fabric and color. Or, the fabric will be provided for head-tie (gele) and shawl which is usually aso-oke. L.

  2. This is an amazing collection of photos and a rare glimpse into a wedding in Nigeria, a truly beautiful event. I loved the photos, and I appreciate how difficult it may have been to take these photos, as it is not customarily welcomed to have pictures being taken by guests there, as you explained to me, Les. The colors are amazing. YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL in your cloth and headdress. STUNNING! Thank you!

    • Yes, it was rather awkward to take photos as a guest. I tried to make it seem inconspicuous but I don’t think I was too successful. Anyway, I wanted to share the splendor, the colors, the textures, the music, the traditions of a Yoruba wedding. This was not the traditional wedding but the church wedding. L.

    • I also loved the Yoruba wedding photos.  It looks like so much fun!  The colors are so beautiful and rich.

      Thanks for sharing.  


      div>P.S. I bet the food was good!

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