Borders Literature for all Nations Interview



Olatoun Williams Interview Lesley Lababidi: Africanist & Global at Borders Literature Online

Read full interview HERE

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4 thoughts on “Borders Literature for all Nations Interview

  1. Olatoun Williams and Lesley Lababidi remain two of the strongest voices championing African Literature and Culture on the Planet. Their Altruism is a Blessing. Their work may outlive all the archaeological treasures of the Middle East and Africa.

    • Craig! Your comment touched me deeply, though undeserving, your thought are most appreciative and received with gratitude. I hope your world moves in harmony. Thank you for your most welcome comment. I have sent it to Olatoun, L.

  2. It is, indeed, an appealing interview, particularly to those who want to explore detail about you and your writings. I wish your picture of coronation is included in your memoir, “Paddle”. This beautiful interview of yours encourages me to remind you about the need to embark on writing a ‘Collaborative Life Writing’ of yours or get someone to transcribe your life, in form of Biography. Your LIFE is important in academia.

    • Dear Murtala,
      Your words lift my spirit and encourage me. You don’t know how much your comments mean to me. Just to be clear, I wasn’t a chief during the time period ‘Paddle’ is set which was the 1970s. I became a chief in 1998 so it was not appropriate for me to include this part. I have not written about my chieftancy so I was happy that Olatoun included that question in her interview.
      Thank you, Murtala!

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