11 thoughts on “Messages on Second Avenue

  1. Good day, Lababidi. The photos say a lot, particularly the third and fourth. The fourth photo, portrays fish underwater, inside the pitcher, but the fish, for one reason or the other, manages to escape to the outside world. it definitely has stories to tell. Perhaps the fish represents the ‘ego’ while the pitcher and the water stand for the ‘Id’ in which instincts float and bubble looking for a way to escape to the outside world. The ‘ego’ knows about the activities of the instincts beneath the surface and the reality above the surface. Therefore, being under the water for so long, the fish inspects the floating instincts with the aim of negotiating them with reality in the physical world. Perhaps the fish-photo encourages people to travel beyond borders, beyond continents, beyond planets…in order to gain more education and experiences. The fish views the world both from the underground and surfaceground. We should live and behave like the fish, not the water and the pitcher. In literature, specifically Life Writing, such photos are ‘auto/photography’.

    • Hello, Murtala! It is always a pleasure to receive your analysis and thought provoking theory. I was walking along the sidewalk, eyes to the cement and saw the message about there is more to life ‘outside the box’ and I just stood in the middle of that sidewalk and thought how immensely insightful and powerful that message was…etched with chalk on a surface washed over by weather and shuffling feet…so as you can imagine, these messages were fleeting, only to survive a couple of days before gone, reminding me of the impermanence of everything. I stood against a wall and watched people walking passed, would they notice these fading thoughts and none did.

      That fish tells us so much and I thank you for your thoughts. L.

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