Portraits of a Glassmaker

The filming of the documentary, Legacy of Bida Glassmakers, was completed in November 2019. Now in the editing phase, I have started an Instagram page that brings together the memories of those days as glassmakers made bikini glass.

Instagram address: bida_glassmakers

Below are portraits of key people in the Masaga community of glassmakers and glass guild.

Alhaji Mohammed Ndakolegbo (Nda-Masaga, traditional head of the communityselected by the community and confirmed by the Etsu Nupe

Alhaji Gimba Haake (Kpotun Masaga) third in line as community head holding bikini glass

Alhaji Yanko Tifin oldest member of Masaga who headed the making of bikini glass

Danladi Abubakar Masaga , Secretary Masaga Glassworks Cooperative Society

Ndaumaru Azumi, craftsman

Glass craftsmen, (left to right)
Ndaumaru Azumi, Abbas Umar, Abdullahi Ebba

One of the oldest glass craftsmen in Bida


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