2 thoughts on “British Museum Endangered Material Knowledge Hosts: The Lost Legacy of Bida Bikini

  1. I was deeply impressed by this documentary. Ignorant about Nigerian culture, and glass making in general, I have struggled at times to understand what was going on, but was utterly fascinated by the narration and the images. It mustn’t have been easy for them to recreate the process, and for you and the crew to film it, but the effort has been worthwhile. The British Museum’s recognition of the value of this documentary says it all. This will go down in history. Great work!

    • Thank you Stefano. Your comment is greatly appreciated. It was a long and arduous journey to come to the finalisation…many disappointments and sadness but also joy and great friendships. Indeed, the documentary’s crowning glory is British Museum’s hosting on their website and YouTube Channel. It is archived in perpetuity or until there is no more British Museum so that means researchers around the world for generations will have free access.

      Thank you again. Lesley

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