Remal el Rayan Glamp

What do you get when ‘glamorous’ and ‘camping’ are combined? Glamping, of course!

Glamping is a style of camping with services of a luxury hotel…electricity, air-conditioning, hot water and a comfy bed in a tent. Only a three-hour drive from Cairo to Wadi el Rayan Protectorate in Fayoum, Mohamed Tahoun and his partners have launched the first glamp in Egypt.

Mohamed Tahoun, a software engineer, is a desert enthusiast. In 1999, he took his first trip into the Farafra depression to explore the White Desert and since then, he was hooked on desert travel. He explored the vast deserts of Egypt and continued to the UAE, Kuwait, and Oman. Tahoun says, “Real beauty is in the desert and camping gets inside your soul.” Then in 2016, Mohamed and his friends took a trip to the UAE in off-road 4×4 vehicles. They camped and posted on social media about their experience. Many friends expressed an interest to participate but they asked about two things: bathrooms and sleeping conditions. When he explained that both were done in nature, interest quickly declined.

Tahoun began to consider the concept of a camp for people to enjoy the desert but who do not want to compromise on comfort. Tahoun decided his purpose was to introduce the desert to the non-desert person. He explains, “I started investigating different styles of camps, basic or luxurious, in Morocco, Jordan, Kenya, and UAE and the possibility of a glamour camp in the Egyptian desert began to make sense.” Tourist experiences are abundant and varied in Egypt, spanning from the Red Sea to Upper Egypt to the Mediterranean yet 96% of Egypt is predominately desert. “So we decided to take advantage of promoting a comfortable touristic experience in the desert. We first developed another camp called Qusoor el Arab (Arab Palace). This camp was a basic experience with small huts, tents and shared bathrooms.” In 2017, Tahoun applied for the permit to develop a glamp in Wadi el Rayan Protectorate. It took three years to meet the strict regulations of an environmentally protected area. Remal el Rayan Glamp opened in March 2021 with a restaurant, three suites and four rooms.

A luxurious camp in Wadi el-Rayan Protectorate, Fayoum, to introduce the desert to the non-desert person. Glamping is a style of camping with services of a luxury hotel…electricity, air-conditioning, hot water and a comfy bed in a tent.  

The Glamp offers infrastructure for people to enjoy the desert in luxury: air-conditioned rooms, spacious bathrooms, private Jacuzzi and campfires, hot and cold running water, refrigerator and deluxe bed and linens; each room with a private terrace. The management can organize roundtrip transportation from home to Glamp as well as arrange safaris, excursions, horseback riding, and sand surfing. The restaurant serves a full range of specialties including the Bedouin mandi, a traditional dish consisting of meat, chicken or duck, baked underground.

Above: day trip to explore Wadi el Rayan Protectorate, waterfalls and dunes, Valley of the Whales (Wadi el Hitan) , Magic Lake. Not to be missed are the pottery makers at Tunis Village (see short video at the end of this article). Visit Madinet Madi, Greaco-Roman town of Karan’s and Museum of Kom Oshim, Hawara Pyramid.

Tahoun is excited about touristic possibilities in Fayoum. He cooperates with the local government, the Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Tourism to promote Fayoum’s history, nature sites, monuments, lodges, pottery workshops and desert safari. Using social media as a tool, he hopes to attract international tourism to Fayoum not only for day trips but also as a destination to stay several nights.

Location: Fayoum Governorate Desert, Wadi el Rayan Protectorate

Contact for more information and reservations

Instagram : @remalelrayanglamp

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Fayoum Pottery

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