Mamsha Ahl Masr—The Walk of the People of Egypt, on the Corniche el Nil, Boulaq.

Street Art in Cairo

-Obelisque Magazine

Egyptian, Ahmed Moussa, professor at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Helwan University, is the sculptor of the colossus figure representing a woman with Nile water flowing through her hands. Detached layers of steel sheeting give shape to the figure yet it is the space between the iron sheets that portrays the continuous movement of the Nile waters.

Ahmed Moussa, student of the renowned sculptor Adam Henein, first sculpted the statue from Aswani clay. From this design, Moussa use of metal technology creates the four and a half meter-tall statue that stands on the new promenade, “Mamsha Ahl Masr—The Walk of the People of Egypt, on the Corniche el Nil, Boulaq.

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5 thoughts on “WALK ON THE WILD SIDE…

  1. Your presentation of this statue is so beautiful, in front of the blue waters and the boat which I assume is a faluka. This was featured in the gorgeous magazine, The Obelisk, and it is wonderful to see it again here, Lesley, thanks for posting this!

    • Thank you for this comment! I certainly appreciate the recognition of the importance of presenting quality articles about Egypt through superior printing, photography, design, and presentation. Thank you for this.. L.

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