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The Lost Legacy of Bida Bikini

This is a promotional teaser to introduce the documentary about glassmaking by the Masaga Glassmakers of Bida, Nupeland, Niger State, Nigeria. The process of making molten glass from raw materials handed down through generation is a secret formula held by one man. The documentary is witness to the last time bikini (molten glass) will ever … Continue reading

In Memoriam: Abdullahi Ebba, Masaga Glassmaker

December, 28, 2020 Approximately 50 years old It has been over two weeks. Coming to grips with the senseless event that took place on the afternoon of December 28, 2020 in Bida, Nigeria has taken time to process. Abdullahi (Allah yar harmu) sat outside of his workshop, as he does every day, when a motorcycle … Continue reading

Obituary:Alhaji Abdulmalik Nadayako

The late Shaba Nupe (Allah yar harmu) was the second in command (meaning Shaba) to the current ETSU NUPE, Alhaji Dr. Yahaya Abubakar CFR (here). Shaba Nupe was the crown prince of the Emirate, the maternal uncle to the ETSU NUPE. On November 7, 2019, before filming the documentary about the Masaga Glassmakers of Bida … Continue reading

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