On being a dune

Continued from postcropped-dsc_1209.jpgDay 1 – Early departure from Cairo to Bahariyha Oasis as we proceed to Farafrah Oasis for lunch and continue till we reach the area of Abu Mounqar area and overnight in the dunes.

cropped-dsc05159Day 2 – After breakfast we start passing the Ammonite Scarp – Great Sand Sea – Reignfield area – Abu Ballas area .


Day 3 – Depart the camp site to start another great day to Abu Ballas – Mud Lions – Craters area and some nice dune sites on our route till we stop for camping in spot for good viewing of the comet (which did not survive) at sunrise.

DSC09442DSC09408DSC_0137CSC_1285Day 4 – After breakfast we will make a visit to the Dolphin rock – stone circles – WW2 sites, Wadi Wassa – and head to Wadi Ahkdar. (slide cursor over pictures for description)

Day 5 – Visiting Wadi Ahkdar – Wadi Furaq – West side of the Gilf -Magic Land –  Abu Ras.


DSC09523Day 6 – Tour through the area of Wadi Sora for the rock art sites – heading towards Aqaba pass to start driving up the Gilf Plateau to proceed until Wadi Assib (Assib means treacherous) and camp .


DSC05035Day 7 – From the top of the plateau, we  enjoy a sunset on the last day at the great dunes of Wadi Assib, we continue till we reach Wadi Abdel Malek and drive through the Wadi and overnight .



DSC00104DSC_0715Day 8-9-10-11  We cross the Great Sand Sea Desert passing by Wadi Quba – Silica Glass Area.  These spectacular sand dunes stretch from north to south with its huge and great formations.


14DSC_0498Day 12 – We enter the area of El Ubayid Valley where lime stone formations of the White Desert begin. Then our journey ends as we reach Bahariyha Oasis and proceed to Cairo.


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