Saad Zaghloul Mausoleum

Continued from: Tomb of a Hero

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Obelisque Magazine, Winter 2010. All rights reserved by Lesley Lababidi

More stories about statues of Cairo and Saad Zaghloul: Cairo’s Street Stories

1 thought on “Saad Zaghloul Mausoleum

  1. Dear Lesley,

    I’m currently writing my Master thesis about the usage of ancient pharaonic symbols in architecture in the time of the Egyptian monarchy and their effect on legitimizing the nation.
    One of the buildings I’m discussing is the tomb of Zaghlul. Therefore I would to ask you if I could use some of your pictures you made. Is there any possibility to get the above mentioned article, because I have no access to any Oblisique Magazines here in Germany? Hope to hear from you soon!
    Great work, all the best! Fabian

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