Articles: Syria

Over 44 years, I have visited, traversed, and lived, from time to time, in Syria. Today, Syria is destroyed. Hundreds of thousands dead, homes and livelihood shattered, and antiquities damaged beyond repair…2011-2016… the carnage continues.

These few articles are a memory now,  reminding us of the beauty of Syrian architecture, of exquisite workmanship, and of traditions that Syrians, from generation to generation preserved as their cultural heritage.

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The Lababidi Family ne0-Ottoman style home was built in 1937, Homs, Syria. Today there is nothing left but rubble. 


Art-deco bannister


veranda over inner courtyard, hand painted tiles throughout the house


interior doors of etched glass


interior doors of etched-glass


once a turkish bath that was the only ‘bathroom’, stone sink and heated floors (lucky Lababidi’s who had their own Turkish bath inside their home!)

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