The Damascene House

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Continued from: Remembering Damascus

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2 thoughts on “The Damascene House

  1. Enjoyed this. When my daughter was in Syria and my son and I were visiting we were invited to visit someone in old Damascus. We went through one of those ancient tall wooden doors and entered into the past. Everything was old Damascus style. A family still lived there. There were two outdoor courts-one for men and one for women. Since I was a foreigner, I got to have my coffee, sweets and fruit with the men in their courtyard, I was with my son and the man who had invited us to see his cousin’s home. Someone then took me to see all over the huge home that was hidden away behind those huge closed doors on an ancient Damascus alleyway.This home in your web site reminded me about our visit to another ancient Damascus home.


    • Dear Kathy,
      What a lovely memory and story! These ancient houses are just fascinating. Thank you for your comment and remembering the beauty of Damascus.

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