Memorial to Alhaji Essa Ndagi

IMG_1750 (1)

A family meeting of the brother’s of Alhaji Essa in Bida

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In Memory of Alhaji Essa

Chief Lababidi and I had the good fortune to know Alhaji Issa, Allah yir Hamu for nearly 20 years. Alhaji Essa was known to many as PRO. He was the ‘go to man’ who sorted out everything in Abuja. Yes, everything, from household problems to important meetings. We could always depend on Alhaji Essa. He met us at the airport with a warm smile and confidence that any request could and would be met. I was distinctly impressed by his positive attitude, wisdom when things didn’t go as expected, and his quiet search for solutions.

In late 1990s, my daughter, Saadia and I had the rare opportunity of seeing the surrounding environs of Abuja guided by Alhaji Essa. We visited Fulani markets and villages of groups of Gwari and Gwandara. In 2000 Alhaji Essa took Saadia and me to the African Cup finals between Nigeria and Cameroon in the Abuja stadium. What an experience!

When I was volunteering at Fuad Lababidi Islamic Academy and received guests, Alhaji Essa was ready to help me. And too, when I visited schools outside of Abuja, Alhaji Essa made sure we found the schools and met the appropriate individuals. I will always hold dear these memories.

Bida, Nigeria, is Alhaji Essa’s hometown and an area of Nigeria that I yearn to visit. We were organizing a March trip. What a joy it was to hear about the places we planned to visit! I knew that traveling with Alhaji to his hometown would be an experience of a lifetime. Now, I must go, more than ever, to honor Alhaji Issa.

As a friend, the passing of Alhaji Essa has left a deep pain in my heart. LBH has lost a dedicated and loyal member of its staff. And Nigeria, has lost a good man.

May Alhaji Essa rest in peace. We will miss you, Alhaji Essa.

Blessings to all,

Chief Mrs. Lesley Lababidi

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