Palm-nut Diner

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Broad-billed Roller with blue underparts

Senegal long-tailed Parakeet, difficult to photograph as they are totally green and small. They blend in with the leaves. They have a loud, sharp call and travel in a flock.

West African Thrush


Common Bulbul , variety of songs and sings all day

Buff Throated Sunbird – full of song

Bronze Mannikin

DSC_0073 (1)A family of Black-headed Weavers in a Papaya Tree

Piapiac flock together to perch in the Palm-nut tree. Loud and harsh grating calls.  Behavior is aggressive and noisy.

DSC_0343Senegal Kingfisher. A piercing trill starting with a high note followed by a cascade of descending notes. Senegal Kingfisher in Cocoa Tree.

Gray Woodpecker in Tropical Almond Tree

Empty nest in Wax Apple tree

Empty nest in Wax Apple tree


Speckled Pigeon identified by red skin around the eyes


Female peacocks

Continued from post: Palm-Nut Diner

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