Field Guide to the Street Names of Central Cairo



‘A Field Guide to the Street Names of Central Cairo’ by Humphrey Davies and Lesley Lababidi (2018)] will undoubtedly continue to be topical for many years to come, being at once a valuable guide and historical document.” Egyptian Streets

What’s in a name?

Egypt Today : On Cairo’s Street Names, November 8, 2018

-The well-known and revered book reviewer, Lisa Kaaki, writes in her column for the Arab News  : “What’s in a street name? A Cairo guidebook explains”

-TV Interview by Humphrey Davies: 40-minute interview on the Culture Channel’s Haddouta Masriya (Egyptian Tale) TV program, broadcast September 23, 2018 in Arabic.

-“The Story Behind the Book”  for AUC Press

 AUC Press October newsletter

Magnificent spots you shouldn’t miss at this year’s Cairo International Book Fair



– RAWI Egypt Heritage Review

A Field Guide to the Street Names of Central Cairo also featured as the book of the month in the September e-Newsletter (about 9000 subscribers)

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8.) Mantiqti Arabic Newspaper promotional interview.

– Ahram On-Line:

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Book review – September 29

“A stunning achievement”


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September 15, 2018


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“A street named…”

August 27

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“A richly intriguing map of Cairo’s enthralling history through its street names”

August 9

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“It’s now out and it’s hot”!

July 29

AUC Press (original content)

Lesley Lababidi on July 21 at the Ak-Baital Pass on the Pamir Highway (the old Soviet road known as M41), in Tajikistan, as she makes her way to Beijing, China.
Lababidi is the co-author of the newly released “A Field Guide to the Street Names of Central Cairo” (AUC Press).

July 29

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“Driving one of the world’s most remote highways” / The Silk Road

July 11

AUC Press (original content)

What’s the story behind the name?
You will find out this summer in “A Field Guide to the Street Names of Central Cairo” by Humphrey Davies and Lesley Lababidi (AUC Press, forthcoming)

April 19


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October 14

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September 26

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September 15

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August 27

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​July 29

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The Pamir Highway / Silk Road

July 11

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July 3

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April 19


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