Silk Road: China and Central Asia

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2017 Silk Road Journey:unnamed1. Liu Yunjiang, the Cricket Man – Beijing, China

2. Previously, in Xi’an– China

3. Xiahe to Xinging to the Roof of the World – Tibet Autonomous Region, China

4. Yogurt Banquet Festival – Llasa, Tibet, China

5. Lanzhou to Dunhuang: the Hexi Corridor – China

6. Foiled at the Finish Or Happy Eid el Kabir  Turpan and Urumchi, China

7. Kyrgyzstan- Keeping It Real

8. Uzbekistan – the People

9. Sogdians and Soviets: Monumental Samarkand and the Holy City of Bukhara – Uzbekistan

10.  4000 years in 7 days-Turkmenistan

11. The Final Stretch – Karakalpakstan (Uzbekistan)

2018 Silk Road Journey

The total distance covered by land and air will be 13,380 miles from Dubai to Cairo. That is the same distance as the Great Wall of China or half the length of the Equator.

Total distance by land (vehicle and train) amounts to 3,316 miles while travel by air amounts to 10,064 miles including the flights from Dubai and to Cairo.


1. Dushanbe to Beijing 

2. Dushanbe, city of roses

3. Pamir Highway, Tajikistan

4.Pamirs: Tajikistan to Kyrgyzstan 

5. Kyrgyzstan Keeping it Real 2018E7B549C0-F841-4AA0-B53C-A08FFF79B30A

6. Kashgar, China…15 years too late

7. Hotan, the Taklamakan and Walnuts

8. Festivals, Minorities and Landforms

9. Tibet, Friendship Highway and more…

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